Our Story

How IT all started

In  2018, we were approached by one of our architectural clients who was interested in adding a garden room to the project. Having been unimpressed by the designs and costs of the offerings on the market they asked us to design one. Later that year, the first Simplespace space was completed for our client.

Building our system

After exploring various options we had decided that the best construction approach was SIPS or Structurally Insulated Panels. Lightweight, highly insulated, eco friendly and simple to erect these opened our eyes to a new way of building. Simplicity was key to the system and tied in well with our minimalist elegant approach to design. We wanted these buildings to be pieces of architecture in their own right through their elegance.

We looked at every detail and process to see how we could improve and optimise the creation of space. Planning and building regs were to be avoided as unnecessary bureaucracy and expense so simplespaces are designed to not trigger the need for these, by complying with the Mobile homes Act.  Foundations were expensive and time consuming so we used ground screws – a grid of oversized screws which are installed within half a day and would not be affected by trees.

Opening glazing was expensive and generally clunky in appearance so we used floor to ceiling fixed glazing and opened up the walls instead. Plastering and painting take time, create mess and aren’t good for the environment so we used timber finishes. Electrics and lighting are surface mounted in galvanised fittings to make installation and adaption easy.

Our clients

Our clients loved the finished article and more garden Simplespaces have followed….And this lead us to think… Why don’t we apply this to other projects…. So we did… We are currently involved with schemes for new build houses, affordable housing, glamping sites and schools…. The principles established with the garden spaces; flexibility, speed, value for money and great eco credentials work just as well on other projects… We have scaled up our operation to include a partnership with award winning architects Trace, and a dedicated installation team