Architecture made simple.


Our philosophy is to make our spaces simple elegant and economical.

We have worked with architects to consider every aspect of the design. 

We use modular insulated panels that can be quickly assembled to create warm airtight spaces that dont require much heating. 

We avoid concrete foundations, masonry, steel and plasterboard. Just simple materials and low energy design. 


Good design doesn’t need to be complicated.


Our buildings celebrate simplicity of form and detail. Hidden doors, floor to ceiling glazing and well thought out functional detail are included throughout.


Our designs are modular and can expand to suit your brief. We have designed our spaces to take advantage of planning rules which allow them to be located where you want and used for any purpose.


The building is designed to deliver a comfortable, healthy, high-quality space with low running costs.

One of the most important advantages of the SIP-built structures is its low embodied energy.


SIP buildings require up to 50% less energy to heat and cool than stick framed, meaning less fossil fuel consumption and fewer greenhouse gas emissions.


The efficiency of a SIP building is a result of both the air-tight envelope and the substantial higher R-Value of the SIPs.


Furthermore, because SIP-built structures are so air-tight, indoor air quality can be closely controlled.


SIP panels release no volatile organic compounds (VOCs).